Saunders Farm

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Event Management
Mega Menu
Instagram Post Integration

Development Environment:

WordPress 6.3.2
PHP 7.4.33


MySQL 5.6.24

Third Party Library & Plugin:

Advanced Custom Fields PRO 6.0.5
Contact Form 7 5.8.1
Bootstrap v5.0.1


The Challenge

During the development of this project, our primary challenge was creating the menu that the client requested, known as a ‘megamenu.’ Additionally, the client needed to showcase both the farm and various events. To meet these requirements, we seamlessly integrated an event management plugin, customizing it to align with the client’s specific vision. The outcome achieved precisely met the client’s expectations, ensuring the effective presentation of farm-related content and seamless event management. This project showcases our commitment to meeting client demands and delivering tailored solutions. It exemplifies our ability to adapt and integrate specialized functionalities, while maintaining a high standard of quality throughout the development process. We are proud to have successfully addressed these challenges and provided the client with a website that aligns with their objectives.

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